Words From The Wise:

Believe in yourself. Study the greats. And become greater. And be a scientist. Dissect, No matter what. I don’t care if the whole world is against you. Or tease you, Or say you’re not gonna make it. Believe in yourself, No matter what. Some of the greatest men, That have made a mark on this world. Were treated like that, “You’re not gonna do it”. “You’re not gonna get anywhere”. They laughed at the Wright brothers. They laughed at Thomas Edison. They laughed at Walt Disney. They made jokes of Henry Ford. They said “He was ignorant”. “He didn’t have a college degree,” because he dropped out of school. Disney dropped out of school. They even took Ford to court, To prove his intelligence. That’s how far they went. These are men that shaped and changed Our culture, Our customs, The way we live. The way we do things. God plants those seeds, Through people. On the earth, You are one, I am one. To bring some bliss, some escapism, some joy, & some magic.

-Michael Jackson

Forever Is In My Future

-1 John 2:17


Aye Yurp! Introducing South Carolina’s own D-Mo Lotty! Coming to you straight from the Southeastern coast dubbed as “The Cacalac”. Bringing you that cacalac flavor in the Hip Hop/Rap genre. R&B sprinkle here and there Who Ya Wit!

D-Mo is an Independent artist that is currently working on the mixtape/ep realm of musicianship. D-Mo Lotty has freestylin’ projects in progress to drop soon. D-Mo will put out singles for listeners. In addition to putting together videos for the viewers. Here you can find all of D-Mo’s latest news and release dates.

D-Mo Lotty is a trooper turned rapper. Having served the United States Army for 13 years. Earning an Army Overseas Service Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Korean Defense Service Medal, Global War On Terror Service Medal, Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, & Army Achievement Medal. D-Mo intends to embark on a career path in the music industry and looking to garnish worldwide attention. Check out his site for updated photography of yours truly, Its D-Mo!

D-Mo Lotty is the Founder of Aye Yurp Entertainment. In association with the Who Ya Wit Camp/Who Ya Wit Gang, in essence he is a member of. The following is an affiliation as to which D-Mo references in his raps. Better known as his aliases that he’s seeking to lift off the ground.